CSCS Cards

CSCS Cards

Here are the CSCS Cards you can apply for. Because that you are required to hold the relevant qualification or equivalant qualification for applying a CSCS Cards. so contact us for requirements

CSCS Cards Types

Validity – 5 years

For General Labourers and Site Operatives

Validity – 5 years

For the skilled workers who have Level 2 NVQ or SVQ.

  • Provisional – CSCS Temporary card

Validity – 6 months

  • Trainee Card

Validity – 5 years

For applicants registered for NVQ / SVQ or relevant Construction Award.

  • Experienced Worker Card

Validity – 1 year

For applicants who are registered to a complete a Construction Related NVQ or SVQ Level 2.

  • Experienced Technical, Supervisor or Manager

Validity – 3 years

For Supervisors with on the job experience  ( normally at least one year in the last three years)

  • CSCS Cards (Gold) – Advanced Craft

Validity – 5 years

For people who have achieved a Construction Related NVQ or SVQ level 3.

  • CSCS¬† Card – Supervisor

Validity – 5 years

For professionals that work in a supervisor role and have been awarded a Construction Related Supervisory SVQ or NVQ level 3 or 4.

  • CSCS Black card – Managers

Validity – 5 years

For manager and technical occupations who have achieved NVQ/SVQ level 5, 6 or 7, or pre-existing NVQ level 4 in construction management.

  • CSCS White Card – Professionally Qualified Person

Validity – 5 years

This card is available to members of CSCS approved Professional Bodies.

  • CSCS White Card – Academically Qualified Person CSCS Card

Validity – 5 years

For people who have completed certain construction related degrees, HNDs, HNCs, CIOB Certificates and NEBOSH diplomas.

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